We’re Giving Away 100K Dogecoins

When we reach 500 Platinum subscribers, we will give one of them 100K Dogecoins!

CoinAlert is a tool to help crypto investors identify solid long-term investment opportunities. We firmly believe, as Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, and many other wildly successful investors and builders do, that it is possible to build wealth through rigorous research, solid decision making, hard work, and patience. We are striving hard to provide our users with the tools and information to create wealth for their families that will stand for generations.

We chose DOGE for our first giveaway for many reasons. Dogecoin is a symbol. It began its life as a symbol, and it continues to serve as one today. To us, DOGE represents the energy and passions of a new generation of humanity that is hungry for change. It represents friendliness, community, and good will towards others. It also makes us laugh, and we all need laughter right now. Many people say Dogecoin is simply a “joke” or a “meme”, and although it may have started out that way, we believe DOGE is here to stay and will present many pleasant surprises in the future for those who support the amazing Dogecoin community and hold DOGE long-term.

To help build awareness of CoinAlert and how it can help those interested in crypto investing and to express our support for the Dogecoin community, we’ve decided to give away 100K Dogecoins!

How To Qualify

  • Sign up for CoinAlert
  • Upgrade to CoinAlert Platinum and remain subscribed until we reach our first 500 Platinum subscribers and announce a winner.
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Join our Discord Community

We will hold a live drawing after reaching our goal of 500 Platinum subscribers, where we’ll randomly pick one subscriber from the first 500, to whom we will award 100K Dogecoins!

As many who have already joined us know, CoinAlert has been spotting some amazing young projects lately, including 1Inch, The Graph, NEAR Protocol, MAKER, and Theta Token, to name a few. We look forward to helping you gain an edge by being your eyes on the market, and we look forward to helping foster awareness of many awesome projects like those listed above.

NOTE: If you were one of the first 100 Pro subscribers, you are grandfathered and qualify to the prize. All other subscribers must be on the Platinum plan.