Your Eyes On The Market APPS

CoinAlert functions as your eyes on the market, offering three types of alerts that will help you spot new investment opportunities and stay on top of coins you already own.

Market Alerts

Market alerts help you discover new opportunities. CoinAlert scans the entire market every hour and alerts you when coins behave according to your rules. By moving quickly, you can capitalize on opportunities faster than others without similar tools.

Asset Alerts

Asset alerts allow you to keep a close eye on specific coins. CoinAlert periodically checks the asset against rules defined by you. This will help you spot spikes or drops in price, volume, and other metrics the moment they occur, which is especially critical if you use leverage.

Whale Alerts

Whale transactions are large movements of money (usually $1M or more) from one wallet to another. Knowing when these transactions occur and if they are flowing into or out of exchanges will help you identify when major market corrections are on the horizon.

Social Alerts

Social alerts will help you do “social listening” on specific Twitter accounts. CoinAlert will notify you within after a tweets appear on Twitter accounts you are monitoring. This is critical for crypto investors since Tweets often contain news and updates that affect price.

News Alerts

News alerts allow you to search RSS feeds from well-known crypto news sources every hour. You will receive alerts when coins you are watching receive news coverage. You can specify a list of keywords to help CoinAlert identify articles about your coin of interest.

Spot Crypto Opportunities The Moment They Arise APPS

With over four thousand cryptocurrencies and counting, there’s no way a human brain can track all the price and volume movements and other factors across the entire market to spot opportunities and dangers the moment they arise.

CoinAlert monitors numerous metrics on thousands of cryptocurrencies, including:

  • Market Cap
  • Price
  • 24-Hour Price Change
  • 7-Day Price Change
  • 1-Hour Volume Change
  • 7-Day Volume Change
  • Social Engagement
  • Sentiment
  • News Coverage


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